Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas came and went so fast and we found ourselves a week later celebrating the

NEW YEAR! Can’t even believe it. 

Daniel and Jami invited us over for dinner and treats. We felt bad we had to leave early so we could make it over to Brian and Marcie’s house for more yummy food, playing, talking and bringing in the New Year.  We don’t see our friends enough and enjoyed the night.

Here is the countdown!

{you must read text & pictures}

Here you will seeP1040480

Lia & Preslee Decker,  Sofia Draper, Lucy, Natalie & Makenna Green, Grant &Troy Jones







I promise I dress my child darling,but as you can see he was the clean up crew!


Finally outside for the traditional banging of pots and pans.




You know those cool lanterns on Disney’sTangled”? Oh yes, Marcie thinks of everything. They were so cool and {we hope} they burned up before making their final resting place!


we have no complaints for 2010, but we are hoping 2011 is great!

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Jen and Lance said...

So glad you're back at it Shanel! Welcome! I love all the pictures you got, and i am determined to get some of those with lanterns someday. What a great idea